Friday, 18 March 2011


I'm sitting here in the midst of my man flu epidemic and rather than comfort eating and staring at my twitter feed, I thought I would put some of my fever-based thoughts down in words. All I can think of is espadrilles!

Okay, well, what is there to say about espadrilles? I think back to the abuse I incurred upon others through my summer footwear last year! Whether it was the German-based blister blasters we know as Birkenstocks or what can only be described as the Trojan Twink effect, Gladiator sandals, last Summer wasn't my season of style! It didn't help that I shaved my hair and had a farmer's tan! Anyway, this year I am taking steps to improve my summer wardrobe and not resemble something like Crimewatch meets Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

I think there is always a danger with espadrilles of looking like a 'lad on tour' with complementing Soul-Cal jeans and Bench graphic tee! This year especially, with the popularity of chinos on the British high street, it's essential to have footwear that can be worn with a rolled up trouser leg without giving your foot too many marks and blisters! I avoided them last year after my distress over the over-subscription of the Military boot and canvas tennis plimsolls but this year I am determined to make them work for me!

Whether you're a high street shopper, a ready-to-wear wannabe or a budding couture customiser, espadrilles are a perfect canvas for embellishment and can be teamed with so many Summer garments! Ranging from around £10-£30 on the high street they are a seasonal staple and have been released in a variety of colours and styles; lace up, boot style or original plimsoll, to suit whatever you want your look to be; Edward Cullen with a tan, Essex boy with pride or tribal lover!

I have purchased myself some from ASOS, for £10, I'll ready and waiting to customise these babies!


  1. I'd beg you to be careful when it comes to customising footwear Ben. I BEG YOU.

  2. Hello Benjamin, Espadrilles are great - the photo you show is from - since everyone has "used"this photo, I have updated it with many more colors! All my espadrilles are made in Spain or France and have full - not partial - rubber coating on the bottom so if you step in a puddle or on damp grass, the jute part of the sole stays dry! take a look - men's version is PEPE here is a quick link women's CARMEN - let me know what you think - laura

  3. I need to learn to spell/grammar check what I type!