Sunday, 20 March 2011

All we hear is Lady, Oh, Gaga.

Firstly I would just like some recognition for my use of word play in the title of this blog, based on the Queen lyric. Well, I'm impressed anyway...

Just as 'The Exhibitionist Issue' of i'D magazine is about to hit our bookstores and newsstands here in the UK, I wanted to look at the cover star, the illustrious Stefanie Germonatta or Lady Gaga as she is more formally known. I must admit I always have a slight fear of declaring "I'm a fan of Gaga" because I think to many people, or just perhaps myself, a Gaga/Gay-ga fan is a highly strung, self-entitled 'diva' who literally worships the ground she walks on and fashions the couture she wears out of toilet roll holders and milk cartons. I want to state profusely this is not me, I am in fact just an admirer! Because let's face it, in the space of 2 years she has become a sensation, putting the Illuminati conspiracies and rumours of being an hermaphrodite aside, this young lady has known what she wants, to share the vietgeist, and how she will get it, through being omnificient, and has conquered her dreams!

I just wanted to share a few of my favourite magazine that have had her well-composed face brazened upon them; including, of course, her freckled visage on the cover of i'D:

i'D 'The Exhibitionist Issue' is published on 24th March and, with the furious hype created over the internet, I'd recommend camping outside your local WHSmith for a least a couple of days before, no particular reason why! Styled also by the multi-talented creative director of Thierry Mugler and member of the 'Haus of Gaga', Nicola Formichetti, the issue is definitely worth a browse if not a purchase. Come on, we've all done that before!

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